The science behind the big bang theory

And what do astronomers for sure know exists everywhere out to the visible and radiotelescope range? He has given me sweet rest when I could not sleep at night. This also goes against the second law of thermodynamics which states, "Anything organized becomes disorganized over time.

Working the equations backwards in time has allowed scientists to predict how the Universe started - the Big Bang. According to the many experts however, space didn't exist prior to the Big Bang. The Universe's "baby picture".

What Is the Big Bang Theory?

Any other subtle nods in the background? He has supplied all of my needs. One difficulty in answering this question is that inflation was over well before recombination, and so the opacity of the Universe before recombination is, in effect, a curtain drawn over those interesting very early events.

Since the universe has a finite age, and light travels at a finite speed, there may be events in the past whose light has not had time to reach us. Glorify Post anon and anon I am all for science, but I also believe some scientific theory is being treated like a religion.

Apparently a new unified theory of quantum gravitation is needed to break this barrier.

What is the Big Bang Theory?

Finally, the abundance of the "light elements" Hydrogen and Helium found in the observable universe are thought to support the Big Bang model of origins.

It just comes down to that they liked the sound of his name better. Such a singularity is defined as that dimensional condition which ingratiatiated the entirety of our universe the four combined forces of nature; strong nuclear, weak nuclear, electromagnetic and gravity.

Let him help you live an abundant life. If you have a scientific paper available with you please send it to me yousifhot hotmail. About The Big Bang theory. But really, scientists speculate that there could have been a time before matter, energy, and time itself even existed.

The brain behind TV's The Big Bang Theory

It then follows that this cosmic microwave background radiation is really the light degraded image of trillions upon trillions of way-distant galaxies, and, this E-M degradation continues on down the EM range.

Unlike Thorndike's boxes, however, Skinner's were not meant to be escaped and they contained pigeons rather than cats. Believe it, God is real. When did the Big Bang Begin? People have actually detected these waves with a device called a spectroscope. Will you write a joke for my article?

Whatever its nature, the inflationary model predicts that this primordial energy would have been unevenly distributed in space due to a kind of quantum noise that arose when the Universe was extremely small. This metric contains a scale factorwhich describes how the size of the universe changes with time.

Hot spots show as red, cold spots as dark blue. This allowed him to estimate distances to galaxies whose redshifts had already been measured, mostly by Slipher. This depends what you mean by "big".

The Science Behind The Big Bang Theory (TV): The Gothowitz Deviation

The graduate students spoke to them for about 10 minutes about all the things you could do. In subsequent trials 2you introduce your experimental or conditioned stimulus CS prior to the introduction of the food.

In times when I saw no way to survive this economic crisis, and before, God has kept me. We know that this universe had a beginning. Of course, optical detectors don't see microwaves, but because it seems to be coming from everywhere, it simply means you have E-M degraded energy coming from everywhere.

He has the last word in everything.

The brain behind TV's The Big Bang Theory

I am amazed that someone like Hawking would get it wrong. The world isn't fine tuned; we were able to adapt to live in it. A lot of cosmology tries to hide that.The Big Bang Theory has pulled ahead and has now become the most-watched entertainment television show in Canada.

Broadcast. The Big Bang Theory premiered in the United States on September 24, on CBS. The series debuted in Canada on CTV in September David Saltzberg of the UCLA Dept.

How the Big Bang Theory Works

of Physics and Astronomy and technical consultant on the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory will discuss his dual life. Jul 29,  · Can anyone tell where I can find the mathematical proof of the Big Bang theory and by whom, I'm interest in the calculation only.

The friendliest, high quality science and math community on the planet! Everyone who loves science is here! Mathematical proof of the Big Bang Theory Jul 24, #1. yousless. TV Fact-Checker: David Saltzberg ensures the accuracy of the physics portrayed on The Big Bang Theory.

Jul 29,  · Can anyone tell where I can find the mathematical proof of the Big Bang theory and by whom, I'm interest in the calculation only. In science things are based on empirical evidenceobservation, measurement, experiment. what you need is observational EVIDENCE that in very early universe there was a time of extreme high density and temperature.

The brain behind TV’s The Big Bang Theory Brad Hooker talks with David Saltzberg, science advisor to The Big Bang Theory. For those who live, breathe and laugh physics, one show entangles them all: The Big Bang Theory. Now in its fifth season on CBS, the show follows a group of geeks, including a NASA engineer, an astrophysicist and two particle physicists.

The science behind the big bang theory
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