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But in corruption, the inquiry had found an easy justification for the suspension of democracy.

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As any Canadian would, the people of Newfoundland considered every aspect of their decision between uniting with Canada, remaining under the Commission of Government or taking the responsible government deal.

Yet even with these things out of the way, many still questioned the prosperity Newfoundland could have as a Canadian province. By virtue of being an island province, the people had a unique way of life which they were determined to protect.

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Each option for Newfoundland had benefits and limitations, however to achieve the greatest sense of well being on the island, the people had to make sacrifices. The Canadian actions toward Newfoundland involved bully tactics and petty politics played on the large scale.

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If they had not come under the Confederate flag of Canada they may have remained merely an obscure British outpost, been seized by the United States of America, or perhaps establish themselves as an independent nation, struggling to survive. According to two letters that were written by Newfoundlanders who are referred to as P.

In addition to the deft political manoeuvring and identity crises, the Newfoundlanders experienced a conflicting inner decision towards Confederation as a consequence of the society collectively knowing that they would be better off joining Canada economically.

Firstly, Newfoundland had to endure paying more taxes then they originally did before joining confederation. Did the citizens of pre-confederated Canada really want to join confederation? The people of Newfoundland gained more comfortable and successful lives in Confederation, but also became empowered by their freedom to voice their opinions and have an influence on the government.

Photo by Lafayette Ltd. In conclusion, the confederation of Newfoundland to Canada confirmed the great feeling of prosperity and security for Canadians due to the increase in living standards, more access to public services and greater economic security.

Newfoundland and Canada: 1864-1949

Newfoundland is also subtly being swept from the dark into the light, signifying the collective feelings at the time that, whatever the arguments against Confederation, Newfoundland would benefit in many ways and see an overall jump in security and prosperity.

Beyond the actions of Canada, it was the deep-rooted and darkly ingrown fears of how Newfoundland would have to relinquish its identity through joining Canada that aided in creating the fractured air of economic prosperity and the question of security against Canada in the period surrounding Confederation.

The findings of this inquiry, reported to the British House of Commons on Oct. This attack would have made the Confederates not feel secure in Newfoundland because the Confederation was making the people pick sides, whether they supported Confederation or if they did not.

The prosperity and security of any nation or people in a globalized society is dependent on its relations with others. Smallwood promised reforms and the new province enjoyed the economic benefits of hydro-electric projects, foreign investment, injections of federal money and improvements in the educational system.

For these reasons, the Newfoundlanders who did not support Confederation did not enjoy security during the time of Confederation as well. Bounding through an era known for geopolitical power plays, brash Red rancour and cultural metamorphosis, it appears that the Newfoundlanders suffered a fractured sense of prosperity and security throughout the era of tolargely as a result of the friction involved in the Confederation on March 31, The Tenth Province: Newfoundland joins Canada, by Melvin Baker (c) Britain wished to divest itself of the financial and administrative responsibility for Newfoundland, and confederation was an attractive alternative.

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Newfoundland Joins Canada C anada "from sea to sea" became a reality in when Newfoundland joined Confederation. Although it was our newest province, its capital, St.

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Sub Newfoundland joins confederation essay Genre or Mix 4. No doubt the famous musical theme by David Raksin has something to do. Congleton Contents: 1. Musical movie scripts Glass menagerie essay amanda and. Newfoundland Joins Canada C anada "from sea to sea" became a reality in when Newfoundland joined Confederation.

Although it was our newest province, its capital, St. John's, is the oldest city in Canada.

Newfoundland joins confederation essay
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