Moghancement desynthesis

For instance if you have a Dresser with 15 storage, a Panetiere with 65 storage, and a Bookshelf with 20 storage, you will have a total of possible storage. Furniture Item Fields Furniture items have fields that designate properties specific to furnishings.

Once a furniture item is in the safe, the Layout option on the Mog House menu can be selected to arrange the furniture pieces inside the Mog House. If a single Tableware Set is added, the Moghancement will change to Lightning.

There are a total of floor spaces where furniture can be placed, along with 5 wall tapestry spots. This makes lightning the dominant element in your house, so you will get the moghancement from the highest aura strength piece of lightning furniture.

See Aura for an explanation. Special key items called Moghancements are provided by having furniture in your Mog House.

Moghancements are special key items that are only obtained by placing furniture into your Mog House. Placement - There are three options for this field: Element Affinity Every piece of furniture has an elemental affinity Displayed as a weather effect icon in the item description.

The Experience Moghancement does not become more effective when the Mog House element is increased, but reduces the experience lost on death by a fixed amount.

Every piece of furnishing has a "Mog" key item associated with it. If he added one more Armor Box, for a total of 4 Armor Boxes and 1 Cupboard, there would now be a dominant Water element 8 Water and 6 Fire element total.

Flower stands have 2 lightning aura, and moghancement lightning, but since you'll have Tsahyan mask with 3 aura strength and the correct moghancement, then you'll be set.

This saves space in the layout of furniture items. These furnishings items are only useful when placed into a character's Mog House. As long as the furniture is not changed, the character will always have that Moghancement on him, no matter where he goes.

Which Moghancement you receive is entirely based on the furniture on display in your Mog House, and the dominant energy that it provides. In order to start the quests or obtain the items, you must place the furnishing in your Mog House and then speak with your moogle one real life minute afterwards.

The wall furnishings are hung up, and do not take any regular floor spaces.Description: Moogle-powered assistance from your Mog House. Increases the chance of success when attempting desynthesis.

Slot: Key Item Type: Moghancement Jobs: All Races: All Auction House Category: Not Auction House Sellable.

Moghancement. Every item of furniture also has a Moghancement associated with it. Increases the chances of success by 1 to 2% when attempting desynthesis.

Experience. Reduces the amount of experience lost by 5% when KO'd.

Fishing. Increases the chances of finding items when fishing. Moghancement: Desynthesis Description: Moogle-powered assistance from your Mog House.

Increases the chance of success when attempting desynthesis. Obtained: It is obtained through these Furnishings: 4 - Alchemist's Tools 4 - Clockwork Egg 2 - Tarutaru Stool 2 - Wastebasket 3 - Dream Coffer 3.

Moghancement: Desynthesis

In some cases, Moghancement: Desynthesis is not just "recommended", but mandatory: a desynthesis that gives you NO successes after 8 tries, can suddenly change into a 4/8 success. Also, unlike normal crafting, the chances of getting a High Quality result from Desynthesis is greatly increased, meaning that crafters can get a HQ1, 2, or even 3.

hello all, its me aznpride from leviathan server. great post on furnitures, i learned alot ^^ i am a lvl 45 chemist, i get some of my income desynthing goblin/moblin mask and tonberry lanterns.

according to your post, book holders gives the Moghancement: desynthesis. now my question is, is one book holder enough? or the more book holder i put on my moghouse the better chance i get for. Can someone explain the Thuribles for Moghancement: Desynthesis? I've read online that I will need 13 of them to attain max desynthesis enhancement Is that just the magic number that will activate the moghancement?

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Moghancement desynthesis
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