Mass illiteracy problem in india

Government should take steps to promote free education for the backward class of the society in government schools.

So our education is unproductive. Lack of literacy is a hurdle for overall development and well-being of this country. They took at once a total war against illiteracy for which the services of all educated men and women were conscripted. Nor is there any organized effort to do away with this deplorable state of backlog.

A special program — titled improved pace and content learning IPCL — has been designed to provide basic education to such people. In our country is by far the most serious problem.

It should be eradicated root and branch to make our life happy and prosperous. Upon completing the required coursework, students can enroll in general or professional undergraduate programs.

The problem of illiteracy is a major social issue in India. This can affect his personal life and his relationships with friends and families. So much of course can be understood but, the sad story of the Indian masses is that even their own rulers, the Indians had no different attitude, they also wanted the Indians to remain mostly illiterate for much the same reason as the foreigners had wished.

Child labour can be seen throughout the country in a wide way. The evil is rapidly diminishing from the Indian Society.

But illiteracy in our country continues to exist on an appalling scale. The solutions for poverty are discussed below: Campaigns must be launched to acknowledge the role and contribution of women in the society.

People belonging to different religions have difference in their beliefs. People become less secured and there is always a sense of tension and distress. Government programmes alone, however well-intentioned, may not be able to dismantle barriers built over centuries.

Short Essay on Illiteracy in India and its Solutions

Otherwise any detoxification or rehabilitation also will not able to solve the problem of alcohol addiction. Most of the students in age groups leave the school before completing their education. Within a decade, the Russians got rid of ignorance as colossal as ours; and now the Chinese have also achieved it.

People should make a proper area for sanitation so that public health will not suffer. The only and the best way to eradicate illiteracy from the society are by education. Family Disturbance also cause for the crime.

The national literacy rate, according to the census, was UNICEF is committed to doing all it can to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in partnership with governments, civil society, business, academia and the United Nations family – and especially children and young people.

The problem of illiteracy in India will not be solved only by providing education for the children. Illiteracy is rampant among the older generation of people, particularly in the rural areas: and not a little of our social and culture backwardness is due to this.

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How to solve mass illiteracy in india?

Problem of Brain drain: Mass illiteracy: Despite constitutional directives and economic planning we are not able to achieve cent percent literacy. -Even now 35 percent people remain illiterate. In India, the number of illiterates is almost one-third of the total.

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Essay on the problem of Illiteracy in India

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This paper is an attempt to focus on the social and economic consequences of illiteracy in India. Keywords: Illiteracy, Socio-economic development, consequences and Democracy.

This paper mainly focuses on the social and economic consequences of illiteracy in India. THE CONCEPT OF ILLITERAC- Inthe acquisition of a broad range of. Illiteracy is a burning question to-day in India.

It should be eradicated root and branch to make our life happy and prosperous.

How to post my reply for the question; How to solve mass illiteracy in india?

To eradicate this problem and to bring about her social, economical and political improvements all educated persons and students should join hands together in all possible ways.

Mass illiteracy problem in india
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