Cleanliness week school

Teachers should organize the activities and evenly assign them to the students. Various programmes and civil laws has been run and implemented by the government of India in order to promote the awareness about cleanliness among the common public all over India. For example, if you want your students learn how to recycle and re-use things you can do it in this step so that they know what to do during the drive.

Personal Hygiene The first step to cleanliness is personal hygiene. It is a good habit which keeps us always happy. Since the classrooms were being used in the afternoon, they would be attended to on the morning of the Saturday of the cleanliness week.

They will learn to eat and drink properly if you pay attention that the spilling gets reduced gradually. Though I am a dark green With stalks just the same. The groups of students who cannot take part in physical cleaning activities can be assigned activities such as spreading awareness, making posters about the drive etc.

We conjointly should actively participate in this campaign for the healthy lives of all of us. Everyone should understand that cleanliness is as necessary as food and water.

We should learn from our parents about how to keep home neat and clean. The walls of the class rooms had become sooty and much scribbling had been done on them. There were mosquitoes all over the place. Revise everything on regular basis. The classrooms are used almost daily from 7. Select Page Cleanliness Essay Cleanliness is the state of keeping clean and remains away from dirt to achieve and maintain the good physical and mental health.

These were to be used for buying paint, brushes and other equipment required for thoroughly cleaning the place.


While our KG children were spreading awareness around the neighbourhood, the tiny ones of our school could be seen carrying a garbage bag and picking up all the waste materials that they could recycle while making sure that the surroundings remain clean.

We all together need to take a step towards cleanliness to save thousands of lives and give them healthy life. After making the list of activities, make the list of tools and resources you will need in the drive.

We should never compromise with cleanliness, it is as necessary as food and water for us. There were mosquitoes all over the place. In this step you should motivate your students to involve themselves in the cleanliness drive and convey to them why it is important to maintain cleanliness.

It is very simple to include cleanliness in our habit. Teachers should organize the activities and evenly assign them to the students. And finally the day ended with the kids seeing a video that showed how plastic is affecting marine life. Steps in Teaching Children about Cleanliness Cleanliness is one of the must have habits in all the individuals.

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Our kids maybe small but they definitely had some intelligent questions to ask!! One could see large groups of boys cleaning the school fields. Implement How The final step is implementing what you have planned. We all as an Indian citizen should show our active participation in completing the aim and objectives of this campaign.Cleanliness Week School.

What is Cleanliness?Since the germ theory of disease, cleanliness has come to mean an effort to remove germs and other hazardous materials. A reaction to an excessive desire for a germ-free environment began to occur aroundwhen David Strachan put forth the "hygiene hypothesis" in the British Medical Journal.

Cleanliness is very important for keeping most of the diseases at bay. Therefore, it is essential to inculcate hygienic habits in children right from early childhood.

Teaching Children the Importance of Cleanliness

Find tips for teaching children the importance of cleanliness right here. Anything you want to teach your child, teach him at an. Cleanliness in Schools · School is a place where one can learn so many helps the students to grow up into a responsible person.

Every day the students spend a lot of time in school. Cleanliness week was observed from the to at our school.

Activities, contests mark Cleanliness Week

The programme was as follows: Oath Taking (entire school). Report on Cleanliness Drive Guru Harkrishan Public School, Vasant Vihar undertook a cleanliness drive with a spate of activities during the month of October, as in accordance to the nation-wide Swachh Bharat Cleanliness Campaign launched by Prime Minister on 2 nd Oct., The cleanliness week began with the doctor’s visit where he spoke about the importance of personal hygiene and interacted with our little angels.

Our kids maybe small but they definitely had some intelligent questions to ask!!

Cleanliness week school
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