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Today AIDS is a major health concern, with more thanpeople in the United States diagnosed with the infection in the last decade. As significant as Antonio's contributions to art illustration are, it is the man himself and his friendships that define his oeuvre.

While the absence of representations of the full-fleshed bodies of women and men of color was a standard practice within the world of fashion illustration, their aesthetic sensibilities were ever present.

Antonio Lopez at El Museo del Barrio, New York

In Fashions of the Times Plate Antonio lopez world of fashion. Antonio's illustrations of African American women's bodies with so many referents to Baker and her art and times seems to bring into the present, a counter action that is equally important, he performs in his illustrations a symbolic act of desegregation.

Ramos was a multifaceted art director who generously possessed creative vision and astute business sense. Antonio's and Juan's premature deaths from AIDS are among the thousands of tragic deaths from this disease in our time. Amelia Malayamba-Ansotegui leftwho co-curated the show, posed with artist Julia Santos-Solomon in a gorgeous reversible Italian coat.

In disproportionate terms, AIDS has caused a dearth of creative talent that would otherwise constitute a part of our generation's history. That so many of his contemporaries were lost at the same time may have contributed to his not receiving the recognition he so clearly deserved.

If mentioned, these issues have been addressed within the context of the exotiziced gaze of high fashion. In some countries, heterosexual transmission of the disease is much higher than in the U.

Unlike the narrative of emergence staged Antonio lopez world of fashion Colin's illustration of Josephine Baker as the product of African American popular entertainment, these figures are superimposed over the minstrel faces, exposing instead a narrative of surrogation dominant in the fashion world.

Both of them considered Antonio lopez world of fashion their medium, as some of the most influential works of the s, shaping the popular culture of the decade. In the illustrations of Antonio the seemingly fethishized images of the "other" be it the urban gay man or the African American or Latina woman provide at the same time a intimate and solidary quality that is far removed from its traditional construction.

Lopez says that she and her designers team could often stay in the studio for days choosing the colors and materials that match. The performer had a unique position within the European avant-garde. Once Lopez decided to create an exclusive design just for her. James taught Lopez to appreciate the sculptural quality of clothes, a perspective that had a lasting effect on his drawings.

He has a very strong and confident hand, and a masterful use of line. Pura Lopez shoes are produced in eight separate factories that belong to the Company in Elche, Spain. These qualities in his work contribute to the selling of the image and the clothing.

They were uninhibited, exotic, and above all erotic — they seem to dance right off the page. Lopez's migration to Europe, where his work was first recognized and internationalized, parallels Baker's own strategic exile.

Courtesy the Suzanne Geiss Company. When he met a transfixing Texan beauty with Rapunzel hair and legs up to her chin he invited her into his bed as well as his studio, and Crump has unearthed footage of Lopez and Hall larking about on shoot in Jamaica, telling everyone they were engaged.

Concurrent with the show, in September Rizzoli published Antonio Lopez: Many of the models and friends interviewed, both male and female alike, discuss their involvement with him as more than just colleagues as well as his infatuation with having multiple partners.

The film focuses mainly on Antonio Lopez as a person and his posse, rather than the work and talent that made Lopez famous. The documentary particularly focuses on Lagerfeld. Jean couldn't help but notice how Valerie's hat and earrings mirrored those in the image in this poster that Antonio designed for Versace c.

Antonio Lopez

Sorry about the reflections in the glass. Each figure was probably drawn independently, but it's interesting that the artist makes the effort to bring the figures together with an understated hand gesture. The act of disappearance and substitution is then to be read as an ironic exposure of the dominant constructs of fashion illustration and the representation of whiteness in general, and the emergence in that world of a Nuyorican artist such as Antonio.

The average retail price of Pura Lopez shoes is about — euro. Her observations and attention to the techniques gave her deep knowledge of the shoe construction and design concepts. Using pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor and film, Antonio captured the human form and the fashions adorning it, bringing a breezy, sexy sensibility to his fashion imagery.

That meeting resulted in a collaboration between the young artist and older master that would last more than ten years and produce an illustrated record of all the clothes James had ever designed.

But not all the models are then exposed. But in the end she couldn't resist and included it in the main collection. If the above narrative confirms the traditionally sexualized nature of the fashion advertising, the dialogue between the two figures and their accessories provide at the same time a reaffirmation of an aesthetic of queer desire.

About six months later was offered a positions at the New York Times where, after first covering the theater, he soon began a long and productive collaboration with fashion editors Patricia Peterson and Carrie Donovan. InLopez and Ramos moved to Paris, where they remained for seven years.

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Watch how he uses his entire arm, not just his hand, to get the desired effect.We all wanted to be one of Antonio’s people, and of course one of Billy Idol’s people. I fell in love with the studded beret. Makeup alert! Danziger Gallery announces the representation of the photographic estate of Antonio Lopez.

The foremost fashion illustrator of the s and 80s, Antonio (as he signed his work) was and remains one of the most highly regarded and influential figures in the fashion world. Sep 05,  · Born in Puerto Rico, Lopez first came to the attention of the fashion world in the s with his bold and dynamic illustrations, which he created with art director Juan Ramos.

"In the world of illustration, his contribution is superior to the efforts of all other fashion artists of his era." —Karl Lagerfeld. Biography. Antonio Lopez (), an unparalleled virtuoso, captured the pulse of style from the s through the s.

Sep 21,  · Antonio Lopez Sex, Fashion & Disco Antonio Lopez Sex Fashion & Disco is a vibrant time capsule of the decadent world of ’70s haute couture as viewed through the eyes of Antonio Lopez, the dominant fashion illustrator of the era whose distinctive drawings graced the pages of.

#Flashback Antonio Lopez’s “Photo Cocktail Party” Was the Future Past By Trey Speegle on October 1, am Long before selfies, when the instant Polaroid was the Instagram of its day, fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez and his collaborator, Juan Ramos, had an idea for an exhibit.

Antonio lopez world of fashion
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