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Product/Market Expansion Matrix

Because customers feel they are not getting value for their money as the competitor are offering goods for cheaper prices, Their products are not rare and can be imitated by other competitors. By complementing each other, it is obvious that both parties would be in a better position to respond to competitive challenges jointly rather than going it alone.

Under this arrangement, a new entity jointly owned by both parties 19 would be set up with specific focus on clothing and fashion. The roles of CEO and Chair were filled by the same individual so that with fewer layers of hierarchy, key decisions could be implemented quickly.

It is lagging behind from its competitors as it does not possess any competitive advantage.

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In addition, both partners should have similar objectives to minimise any potential conflicts in strategy development. This is the reason why this organisation is more prone to competition. The organisations should keep in mind that their production processes are not affecting the environment in negative way.

This proves that the change in political factors have their effect on the businesses of the organisations. The brand is deemed as the symbol of trust and quality. It is very difficult to enter into this industry as it requires huge investment capital. Change in social factors affects the choice of the customers.

Consumers are also aware of the laws available for them to sue the companies if they have been cheated by any of the organisations. Government and media are arguing on the reduction of packaging by the companies.

And in times of economic development, people have more disposable income and accordingly more interest in products. The products of Marks and Spencer are of high quality and this organisation believes in providing good services to the customers.

Changing its log from St. The behaviours, symbols and physical manifestations that grew out of the taken-for-granted assumptions of the company during its early existence are illustrated in the cultural web depicted in Figure 2.

This organisation generally buys raw materials and not finished goods. This change in lifestyle of the people affects their choices and the organisations need to work accordingly. Marks and Spencer is not technologically sound as compared to its competitors.

Improve franchising in foreign: This is because the customer satisfaction is related to the resources available in the organisation. Understand and treat each store as individual SBU.

First one is PESTEL analysis that provides us with the idea of political, economical, social, technological, environmental and logical factors that affects the organisation. Threshold resources are requirements needed to exist in the market.

The reasons should be analyzed by looking closer at the micro environment. As would be seen in Section 2. In contrast, the bargaining power of suppliers is low as buyers have many choices.

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Threshold competences Threshold competences are essential to stay in the industry. The challenge to expand into new markets is in already in train as plans are afoot to open stores outside of the UK within the next three years and increase stores in India to by The Telegraph 1 Flevy ( is the marketplace for premium documents.

These documents can range from Business Frameworks to Financial Models to PowerPoint Templates. Marks & Spencer, originally named Penny Bazaars, was founded by Michael Marks in in Northern England as a clothing sales company. Ten years after its startup, Thomas Spencer joined Michael Marks and became co-owner of the company.

Ansoff Matrix of Virgin Groups. Figure BCG Growth Share Matrix for Marks & Spencer Relative market share High Low Stars Question Marks Home ware High Beauty M& Menswear & Kidswear Market growth Womenswear rate Cash cows Dogs Food products Lingerie Premium price Low clothing Created by M.

Mc Burnie, Stars M& is a star in the product/service portfolio. This Unit 4 Strategic Management Assignment Marks and Spencer generates an idea about the business model applied by Marks and Spencer to face the competition in the external environment. At the end of the report, some of the recommendations have been given that supports the organisation to improve strategically and raise the business standards.

-ANSOFF MATRIX BY:KANIKA SINGH MARKS AND SPENCERS. ANSOFF MATRIX: INTRODUCTION Marks and Spencer’s is one of the biggest retailers in the UK. They have been able to diversify from clothing into other areas such as ‘home’ and food and emphasis ‘Quality’ at ‘Affordable’ prices, but this hasn’t always been the case as we’ll.

The menswear customers are seen as vital to Marks and Spencer and by improving things in this department, the recovery of the clothing business continues to flourish. This is a good example of market penetration. (please refer to Figure 4: Ansoff’s Matrix).

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Ansoff matrix marks spencer
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