After the first draft writing a novel

Procrastination often goes hand in hand with perfectionism: Tongue twisters annoy some readers. We float as well because the words came so easily. While working on Jennifer Government, my second published book, I kept a file of everything I cut from various drafts: However, there are a number of strategies you can use to maintain your motivation and keep going even when that motivation lags.

King spends countless hours trying to figure out a more creative way to teach 8th graders that writing really is important in the grand scheme of things. Then start the next one. But it was better before I messed with it. Then be willing to leave it behind. For more on the actual writing process, as well as what to do once you have the book written, check out the following articles: Why writing terrible first drafts is wise: Set a time to begin editing.

Another point to keep in mind is that the initial urge to set the novel aside is not a bad one.

6 Things to Consider After You Write Your First Draft

How many times have we completed a paragraph or a chapter even and swore that even Steven King would be jealous? It would all become so clear: Pick up a novel in your genre and read it.

You might as well have put me in the stocks, the medieval stretcher, than to place me directly behind her. Or will you leave too much to their imagination? I should be clear: Here are several reasons why you should not attempt to write a perfect first draft: I was so sure she was the one.

But if you showed me a way to make it betterMake an outline. Think of your first draft as the clay, not the sculpture. Every time you think about how pedestrian and clumsy and downright awful your first draft is, remind yourself that no one else has to read it.

How to keep motivated after the first draft

Don't let a lack of research slow you down. Set a deadline.A Violet Season was written over four summers-each summer, another draft. After the FIRST DRAFT 30 Fast, Easy Writing Tips for the Second Draft © Darcy Pattison Licensed under Creative Commons License, If you're reading this, it's probably because you've finished a first draft of a novel.

So many begin; so few finish! You've done an astounding, amazing wonderful thing to have finished a first draft. You. Many new writers are confused about what happens after you have managed to get the first draft out of your head and onto the page.

It is definitely time to celebrate because you have achieved a lot more than most writers! But it's also only the first step towards your finished book.

Yesterday, I finished the first draft of my first 1 novel. It came out at just over 90, words, which was the target I had in mind.

How to write a first draft: A novel approach

It was a strange and emotional experience. After typing the last word, I felt like I’d been suddenly dumped out of that fictional world and back into this one, with.

6 Things to Consider After You Write Your First Draft

We asked writers what they needed to write a novel and have it Advice · Personalized Tools · Private Writing Group · Free TrialCourses: Outlining, Character Creation, Amazon Marketing. 6 Things to Consider After You Write Your First Draft.

By: Guest Column | February 25, Here are 7 reasons writing a novel makes you awesome. Haven't Written Anything Yet, Writing for Beginners, The Writer's Dig, Writing Your First Draft. TAGS Brian Klems.

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After the first draft writing a novel
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